Welcome to the School 18 Project!! Launched December 2011 on Facebook, the purpose of the project is to highlight the history of Park Circle and neighboring communities.  It is called School 18 Project in honor of the elementary school Franklin D. Roosevelt school no. 18, which was the center of so much joy. Closed in 1980 and located at 2901 Druid Park Drive, the facility now operates as an office complex. The project is set to be a multi-year effort so STRAP ON YOUR SEAT BELTS AND TAKE THIS RIDE WITH US!

Baltimore In Pictures


To help fund this project we are offering high quality prints of Baltimore events and culture in various sizes. These prints include parades, political happenings, concerts, Druid Hill Park and more. And, they will look beautiful hanging on your wall. View the prints under the 'Photographic Collective' tab. The prints are available through RockRose Pictures -