Photo Stories: Get Fit Challenge @ Mondawmin Mall

The second annual Get Fit Challenge with Councilman Nick Mosby was held at Mondawmin Mall on January 12th. The 7th district councilman is challenging residents to pay more attention to their health by being active. Partnering with health/exercise related organizations, the free three month program allows participants access to fitness programs instructions on preparing healthier meals and interpreting nutrition labels.(photos: (c) C. Green for School 18 Project)

Liberty Heights & Mondawmin

Liberty Heights 1952: This is where Mondawmin would be later built in 1956. One former resident who lived in the area at the time noted how there was a big fence around the site and it was known as the Brown Estate.

At its inception it was known as Mondawmin Center and later changed to Mondawmin Mall when it was enclosed.

In earlier days the streetcar did not have to share the road with an abundance of cars. In the 1950's streetcars were being fazed out in favor of buses.