All Class Reunion 2014-Part One

Forest Park High School's All Class Reunion is an annual event that grows each year. Hosted by a dedicated group of Forest Park alumni, the event reconnects students from across decades and raises funds for current students.

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The Forest Park Files: Forest Park HS

The historic Forest Park High School opened at its current location in 1981. While the class of 82 was the first to graduate, class of 84 was the first to complete a full term. There are many notables who have attended this cherished institution including film director Barry Levinson, singer Billy Griffin and former Maryland Governor and US Vice President, Spiro T. Agnew. Even the legendary Oprah Winfrey has made her presence felt at Forest Park. In its inaugural school year(1981-82), Oprah - who was just a local celebrity at the time - addressed an auditorium full of students. As she tapped on the microphone she noted how we had a new school but the microphones didn’t work. Most of the students were just happy to be out of class, not realizing how the person standing before them would later impact the world. Today, Forest Park is planning for major renovations. Although not officially confirmed, the plan is to move students at some point to the now defunct Garrison Middle while renovations are made at the high school. The duration is expected to be one year.

C. Green | RockRose Pictures

C. Green | RockRose Pictures